If you’re interested in joining GAS as one of our Retailers, either by introducing an existing business to the network or by purchasing an already established one, we will be delighted to discuss this with you.  Call our Head Office on 0508 427 654 or complete the form below.

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GAS is the largest network of independent petrol stations in New Zealand – our brand is to be found from the Far North to the Deep South.  GAS is a community-based network which aims to ensure fuel and the ancillary services now associated with it are available wherever they are needed.

As a GAS Retailer you will have full access to:

·       A well established and recognised brand

·       Quality, proven automotive fuels and other petroleum products

·       World class supply and delivery arrangements

·       Excellent supply price and payment terms

·       Quality support and marketing back-up

·       One of New Zealand’s leading commercial fuel cards

You will retain complete ownership of your business and its operations and all pricing decisions will be yours (and yours alone).  The GAS Head Office team will be available to assist, advise and even train you and your staff (or arrange training) on key aspects of your administration and operation.

If you are interested in considering GAS as the brand for your fuel business contact us by completing the form below.  We will be delighted to discuss this with you, show you how we operate and even introduce you to business people whose operations are already part of our network.