Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT)

Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT)


I’ve been charged more than I used!

When you use an Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) or GAS UP, we undertake a ‘pre-authorisation process’. This is used to confirm that you have sufficient funds available for your purchase. With GAS UP, you specify the value; at most OPT stations, the value is $150; at marine installations, this is often substantially higher.

If you are using an EFTPOS card, you shouldn’t see a pre-authorisation amount as it’s released immediately. If you use a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, a pre-authorisation hold may take 2-3 business days to release, depending on your issuing bank. International banks may take longer, up to 7 business days.

If your pre-authorisation hold is slow to clear, or you are in urgent need of funds, please contact your bank to have the funds released:

ANZ - 0800 269 269

ASB - 0800 803 804

BNZ - 0800 275 269

KiwiBank - 0800 113 355

Westpac - 0800 888 111

Why does it take so long?

Each bank has their own protocols, and certain circumstances may affect the speed of release of your funds:

  • A zero dollar transaction. If the pump is authorised and fuel not dispensed, the pre-authorisation amount will be reserved until released from the bank. Lifting and dropping the nozzle or taking too long to start dispensing fuel from the pump may cause this.

  • A big difference between the pre-authorisation amount and the amount dispensed. If only a small amount of fuel is dispensed it may raise a potential fraud alarm at the bank and result in delays to the pre-authorisation being released.

  • A pump fault, power cut or other problem may result in a zero dollar transaction.

  • Frequent exceeding of your credit limit, slow payment of your due balance or account activity that may raise an alarm at your bank for further investigation. Releasing of pre-authorisations is the responsibility of your bank. Contact your bank with any questions.