1.    Your rights and what you can expect from GAS
1.1    The statement below applies to personal information (information about an identifiable individual) Gasoline Alley Services (“GAS”) collects about you when you download and use the GASUP application (“App”).
1.2    When you provide GAS with personal information, GAS is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 (the “Act”). GAS will collect, hold, use and disclose that information in accordance with the principles set out in the Act.
1.3    This means GAS will: (a)    Use personal information only for the purposes GAS collects it for; (b)    Retain that information only for so long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which GAS has collected it; and (c)    Disclose or release it to a third party only where GAS is: (i)    Required to do so by law; or (ii)    Is permitted by law to do so; or (iii)    Has been authorised to do so by you; or (iv)    Doing so for the purpose for which the information was collected or a directly related purpose.
1.4    Under the Act, you have the right to access, and to request correction of, any personal information that GAS holds about you. If you wish to do so or have any questions relating to these matters, please email us at
1.5    You should be aware that deleting the App from your device does not erase the personal information GAS has collected from you. If you want GAS to delete any personal information, please contact GAS at the above email address. We may process and store your personal information with third-party contractors. This may include contractors based overseas. Accordingly, your personal information may be held outside New Zealand.  
1.6    GAS reserves the rights to modify, amend or vary this Privacy Statement from time to time. Such modification, amendment or variation will be effective from the time it is published on the GAS website. While we may take additional steps to bring this to your attention, it is your responsibility to review the current version of the Privacy Statement when using the App.
1.7    If you think GAS has breached the Act or you would like to find out more about GAS’s obligations, information is available on the Privacy Commissioner’s website at
2.    The types of information that GAS may collect from you
2.1    When you use the App, GAS will collect the personal information you provide to it. This includes any information that you directly input into the App (such as your email address and payment information) and other matters such as: (a)    The details of transactions processed or attempted through the App, including the type of service requested and the date, time and value of each transaction;  and (b)    Information about the way you use the App, including information about the frequency, habits and preferences of your use; and (c)    The geographic location of your device when using the App and, if you authorise it on your device, when the App is running in the background of your device; and (d)    Your IP address, and your geographic and other information as may be determined from your IP address; and (e)    Information about your device, including the IP address of your device, your service provider, the make and model of your device and the operating system and version numbers of software on your device.
2.2    GAS may combine personal information collected through the App with other personal information collected about you from other sources for such uses as may be permitted in this statement.
2.3    GAS may collect personal information through the use of cookies and other mechanisms that identify you to GAS.
3.    How GAS will use your personal information
3.1    GAS may use personal information collected through or in connection with the App for the following purposes: (a)    To help GAS to improve and develop the App, including analysing any crash or problems with the App; and (b)    To enable the processing of orders and payments for goods and services from GAS by you; and (c)    To assist GAS in personalising the App and tailoring it to your needs and preferences; and (d)    To verify your identity in connection with your use of the App and to conduct address verification or credit checks for billing purposes; and (e)    To help GAS to identify offers it thinks you may be interested in and to provide such offers to you through the App; and (f)    Generating information, research and insights for use by GAS; and (g)    Such other matters as may be set out in this statement or which may be specified on the GAS website from time to time.
4.    When GAS may disclose your personal information
4.1    GAS may disclose personal information collected in connection with the App to third parties in the case of the following: (a)    To any GAS retailers or other GAS related entities who may use and disclose your information for the same purposes as GAS; and (b)    To any third party whose software, applications or other services are used in connection with the App; and (c)    In relation to any fuel card accepted by GAS, GAS may provide your name, email address and phone number to whoever holds the account for that fuel card and provided it to you (for example, your employer); and (d)    To any person or organisation who assists GAS, GAS retailers or other GAS related entities in: (i)    Safety and security matters in relation to GAS sites; and (ii)    Market research, advertising and customer analysis; and (iii)    Performing credit checks (such persons or organisations may share your information with other organisations and who may keep a record of any inquiry GAS makes against your name); and (iv)    Hosting or managing data, platforms and other systems for GAS. (e)    As set out elsewhere in this statement.
5.    Third Party Software
5.1    The App may contain or use software, applications and other services which are created, operated and/or maintained by other providers (“Third Party Software”). For the avoidance of doubt, this may include other applications and software used by your device’s operating system or installed on your device.
5.2    Your use of the App will be subject to any terms of use, including any privacy statements or terms, that accompany or which are associated with any Third Party Software. By installing and using the App, you agree to: (a)    To GAS using Third Party Software through and in connection with the App; and (b)    To GAS disclosing your personal information to the third parties in connection with any Third Party Software; and (c)    To your personal information being collected through Third Party Software; and (d)    To adhere to any terms of use, including any privacy statements or terms that accompany or which are associated such Third Party Software.
6.    Hacking, security and data breaches
6.1    GAS cannot guarantee: (a)    That your personal information will never be accessed by an unauthorised person; or (b)    That unauthorised disclosure will never occur.
6.2    If you perceive that the security of the App or your account with GAS is compromised you must contact us immediately.
6.3    You must keep all passcodes, PINs and security questions that apply to your account strictly confidential and must not allow the App to be used by any other person.